Raclette - a Swiss dish of melted cheese. Traditionally, herders in the Alps put the cheese close to the fire and scraped off the melted part. The modern way of serving is a special grill machine, which is placed on the table. As a garnish can be used boiled potatoes, pickled cucumbers and onions, as well as capers.


Raclette cheese (200 g per person)
Boiled small potatoes
Pickled cucumbers
Pickled onions
Ground black pepper


Cut the cheese into 0,5mm thick slices. Heat the grill. Put the cheese on the raclette pan, sprinkle with the pepper and place onto the grill. When the cheese melts, pour it over the potatos on the plate. Serve with white wine.

I think this dish is superb!

I tried it in Switzerland and it was so tasty! I even bought a raclette grill.